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Elite Investment & Credit Pte Ltd is your trusted moneylender when it comes to loans. We are a licensed money lending company based in Singapore since 2010. Our team consists of specialists that are trained to advise and access your financial situation to suggest the most suitable loan for your needs.

Facing financial difficulty is not uncommon. We believe that money should not be a factor that restricts you from pursuing your dreams or any urgent financial needs. You should be free to further your studies or take a vacation of your dreams. Our company aims to provide the public from all walks of life with a chance of a fresh start. A beginning allows people to fulfil their full potential, chase their dreams, and achieve their goals without being restricted by limited funds.

In addition to flexible loan schemes and low-interest rates, getting financial assistance from us is much more straightforward and plain sailing than from banks. Getting a loan may be intimidating but with Elite Investment & Credit Pte Ltd, it will not be. Our experienced consultants will effectively assess your current situation and needs before guiding you through the process of taking a loan with us to help your financial situation. We will be there with you every step of the way on your path to greater financial freedom.


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